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M200 and M500
Working Principle

K+G WETTER's new mixer is built in two different sizes.  Mixer M200 has  mixing capacity of approx. 140kg, Mixer M500 of approx. 350kg.

The working principle is based on the combined effects of a paddle mixing shaft and a large volume mixing and transport worm, positioned underneath.  The goods to be blended can either be fed to the mixing trough manually or by a pylon loading device (option) with a 120 or 200l meat cart.  The shape of the mixing trough is adapted to the radii of the transport worm and the mixing shaft with the paddles.  The base substances are conveyed by the transport worm to the end wall and lifted up just in front of the wall by the shovel-like design of the last turn of the worm.  At this point they are taken over by the paddles of the mixing shaft.  The mixing shaft blends the substances and conveys them to the opposite mixer wall where they are received by the transport worm again.  This processing loop is repeated as long as it is necessary to yield a perfect result.  The shape of the paddles and the thread pitch of the worm in combination with various turning speeds of worm and mixing shaft as well as the opposite direction of movement result in very intensive and quick mixing process that is gentle on the mixed materials.

When the mixing process is ended, the transport worm changes turning sense and empties the mixed material - quickly and completely - through an outlet flap at the front wall into a transport cart or another container.

The excellent mixing result is achieved over the whole range of filling quantities, starting with the smallest amounts - 20 to 30kg - through to the maximum mixing capacity. This is an obvious advantage as against many other mixing systems.

Due to the short mixing times , hourly production performances of up to 3 tons can be achieved with the M 500.

Mixers M 200 and M 500 are controlled via a heavy-duty touch-sensitive keyboard operation panel. It possesses a flat surface that can be cleaned just as easily as the rest of the mixers.

Two mixing and emptying speeds allow for an adapt ion to the different consistencies of various products. The mixing time can be preselected on the touch-sensitive keyboard.

Work Hygiene and Safety

As with all butcher machines by K+G WETTER, special care was taken to ensure a high standard of work hygiene and safety in designing the mixers M 200 and M 500. The stainless machine housing is closed completely, the bottom by a stainless plate  welded to the side panels. Dirt and washing water cannot penetrate into the machine. All surfaces and parts coming into contact with food substances including the mixing shaft with paddles and the transport worm are made of stainless high grade steel and allow adequate cleaning and disinfection. This is true for all threads and parts of the mixing shaft and the worm, without exception.  A large cleaning chamber, positioned between trough (food area) and the drive unit for the mixing shaft and worm, accessible from the outside, allows for thorough and hygienic cleaning.

The front bearing of the mixing shaft can be removed easily. The mixing shaft of the mixer M 200 can be quickly and easily dismantled for cleaning purposes. With mixer M 500, the seal of the mixing shaft to the drive shaft can be easily flapped open and dismantled. The mixing and transport worm for both mixers can be pulled out at the front after the emptying flap has been opened and the protective cover swung away.

The protective cover and protective grid for the hopper of the mixing trough are monitored electrically. As soon as the protective cover or protective grid are opened, a braking device stops the mixer. Mixer M 500 is additionally equipped with a work platform spanning the whole length of the mixing trough. Rubber-metal feet reduce vibration. The mixers M 200 and M 500 comply with the safety and hygiene regulations of the EC Guideline for Machines.

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