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Automatic Grinder 160mm and 200mm
As far as the mixer grinders with special hygiene equipment are concerned, it is possible to install an infinitely variable feed and work worm drive.
The Automatic Grinders and Mixer-Automatic Grinders 160 and 200mm are operated via solid membrane keyboard.   It is plain and can be easily cleaned as the entire grinder.  The electric control is installed in the machine housing and easily accessible by a large opening.  It even can be swivelled out for service work.
In order to prevent the dry-running of knives and grinder plates, the work worm starts with deceleration, i.e. upon starting, by pressing the key ''G'' resp. ''Grinding  I'', the material to be processed is conveyed by the feed worm only into the transfer housing of the work worm.  Not until the key is released, the work worm conveys the material to the cutting set.  The Automatic Grinder 160mm is additionally equipped with a short-term reverse speed of feed and work worm.
The front bearing of the feed worm can be easily removed, and the worm can be easily dismounted for cleaning.  Of course, the Automatic Grinders and Mixer-Automatic Grinders are equipped with an ejector for work worm and cutting set.

The machine housing is completely closed, it is sealed at the bottom by a stainless plate.  Spray water cannot enter.

All surfaces - hopper, feed and work worm, worm casing, cutting set parts, supporting cross plate, spacer rings and cap nut - are made of stainless steel.  The drive shafts of feed and work worm are also rustless, arranged in robust rolling bearings and completely sealed towards the processing material.

Discharging protection, cleaning platform resp. protective grating as well as opening for cleaning and mounting the feed worm are electrically controlled.  As soon as one of the secured devices is opened, the installed braking system automatically stops the grinder.  Rubber bonded to metal feet reduce vibration.  The Automatic Grinders and Mixer-Automatic Grinders fulfil the safety and hygiene regulations of the EC machine guideline and have the CE sign.
Precutter-tensioning device

The precutter-tensioning device fixes the precutter and prevents the cutting set parts from being pressed together by the pressure of the processing materials.  The frictional forces and thus the wear of cutting sets is considerably reduced.

Loading device

A compact loading device (option) facilitates the loading.  It is integrated in the grinder and requires no extra floor space.  The meat buggy is exactly carried during the entire lifting process and tipped not until it has reached a position far above the hopper.  On request the Automatic Grinder can be equipped with a pylon lifting device.

Sorting device

All the grinders of K+G WETTER can be equipped with a sorting device.  It consists of a five-part cutting set with sorting knife.

In front of the grinder plate gristle, tendons, sinews and other hard particles are piled up which are removed by the sorting knife and conveyed via a chute to a side of the cutting set.  The quantity to be sorted out can be continuously adjusted by means of a variable outlet control and directly collected in a container.

Five good reasons speaking for the K+G WETTER sorting device:

   1. The meat is improved, a higher quality class is achieved.
   2. You continuously adjust the quantity to be sorted out with the fast adjustment slide.
   3. The meat only has to be pre-sorted coarsely.
   4. The cutting set does not clog.  It is cleaned by itself.  The material to be processed passes the cutting set more easily, the cut is more clearly.
   5. Grinder plates and knives have a longer service life.  They are less stressed.

Pneumatic sorting device

The pneumatic interval sorting device being driven automatically (option) is a further development.  It efficiently sorts ot gristle and hard particles.

By variable intervals of the closing and opening times of the interlocking bar, the rigid particles shortly pile up in front of the fine mincer plate in the channels of the sorting knife.  While doing so they separate from meat and fat particles.

The opening and closing times of the interlocking bar are controlled automatically.

They are input via the arrow keys of the membrane keyboard.  The entire pneumatic sorting device is made of stainless material and can be easily dismounted for cleaning.

Mixer-Automatic Grinders

The mixing device considerably extends the field of application of the automatic grinder.  The starting materials for different sausage types - fresh minced sausage, air-dried salami products as well as boiled sausage - are quickly and thoroughly mixed and then cleanly and cleanly cut.

For this, a mixing shaft with paddle sets is installed in the hopper of the grinder above the feed worm.  The form of the paddle sets ensure an intensive, careful mixing process.
During the mixing process, the feed worm rotates in opposite direction.  Thus, a product circuit arises between mixing shaft and feed worm which intensifies the mixing process.  As soon as the mixing process is finished, the grinding process can be started and feed worm as well as mixing shaft change their rotating direction.  The feed worm conveys the material to be processed to the work worm which conveys it to the cutting set.

Mixing speed and time are indicated at the display.  By means of arrow keys the mixing time can be shortened or prolonged.

Mixing and drive shaft are made of stainless steel.  The mixer-Automatic Grinders 160 and 200mm are equipped with a working platform.  The mixing trough is secured by a swivelling, electrically-controlled protective grating.
Mixer-Automatic Grinder 160 And 200mm With Special Hygiene Equipment
Loading Device

The Mixer-Automatic Grinders 160 and 200mm, generally are also equipped with loading facilities, in this case with pylon lifting devices.  Filled meat buggies of 200 l capacity are pushed into the holding device, lifted at the pylon and tipped not until the buggy is far above the hopper.  Different positions re possible.

K+G WETTER also design the Mixer-Automatic Grinder 160 and 200mm fields of application requiring special hygienic working conditions, such as the production of raw sausage and ground meat.

Of course, all surfaces of the ''hygiene grinder'' which come into contact with food stuffs can be properly cleaned and disinfected as required.  This also applies without reservations to all ducts of the driving and bearing journal.  Outside the ducts of the driving shafts of mixing shaft, work and feed worm, there are special cleaning chambers being accessible from outside.

Inclined sluice between worm housing and worm bearing.  Optimal cleaning possibility of the driving shaft.  Like all the cleaning chambers being accessible from outside, the sluice is secured against restarting of the grinder by electrically locked doors.

Feed and work worm can be pulled out towards the front.  With this, the seals towards the machine housing of both worms are also dismounted.

Large cleaning chamber between mixing mold (foodstuff area) as well as feed worm and mixing shaft drive.  The drive shaft seal of the mixing device can be opened and easily dismounted.

Infinitely variable drive

For hamburgers, loose ground meat, ground meat in form of a rope or other formed products the processed material is distributed onto conveyor belts.  A considerable factor is the possibility of adjusting different production capacities.  To achieve this, the ''Hygiene Grinder'' 160 and 200mm can be equipped with an infinitely variable drive of feed and work worm.  In addition, the speed ratio of the worms can be changed to optimally adapt it to various raw materials and to compensate deviating temperatures.

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