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33 litre
B98mm or EP 32/100mm Electro Grinder

The new electro grinder is a solid tamping grinder with a single-stage drive which has been designed for craftsman's businesses, consumer markets and self-marketing manufacturers.  The gentle production of minced meat and raw sausage materials goes without saying.  They are clearly and loosely cut with hardly any perceptible increases in temperature.

The new electro grinder does not only impress by its favourable cost-performance ratio, but also by its large production performances - up to 15kg per minute.  The bowl with its capacity of 50 l is adapted to the considerable efficiency of the electro grinder.  The large distance between hand guard and bottom of bowl permits to quickly feed in even bigger pieces.  A solid spur wheel back-geared motor with reinforced taper roller bearings drives the worm via a stainless driving shaft.  The B98mm/EP32 electro grinder is operated by means of hand switch.

The machine housing is closed all around.  The solid covering made of special steel is, on the underside, seamless welded to the bottom plate (also made of stainless steel).  Spray water cannot enter.  All machine parts coming into contact with product, including worm, cutting unit and the lock ring nut, are made of stainless steel as standard equipment.

Further equipment for optimal working hygiene:

    *      Cleaning chamber between worm housing and drive unit.

    *      Drawing device for cutting set and worm.

    *      Easy removal of the worm housing by means of quick acting closures.

Bowl Cutter 33 Litre

The 33l bowl cutter has been designed for smaller craftsman's businesses, self-marketing manufacturers and companies which want to produce small amounts (test products, specialities) without affecting the other production.

Every type of sausage material is cut, mixed and emulsified with the 33l bowl cutter in one working cycle and in a very short time.  Bowl and knife shaft are two-speed driven.  Several knife speeds are available, depending on the version.  They can be optionally switched to both bowl speeds.

Scalded and cooked sausage materials are cut and mixed with the slower knife and bowl speed first, and fine-cut and emulsified with the faster knife speed afterwards.  Meat and fat for raw sausage are cut with the slower knife and bowl speed, and then mixed thoroughly with the faster bowl speed.

The 33l bowl cutter can be optionally operated via a solid hand switch control or a touch sensitive keyboard operation panel (as option).  A plug-in thermometer with analog display informs about the product temperature.  The T2  version contains a cleaning mode.  Upon pushing the button, the bowl turns slowly into the position desired for cleaning.

The basic frame of the 33l bowl cutter is cased with solid stainless steel, and, on the underside welded without any overlapping to the bottom plate which is also stainless.  Spray water cannot enter.  The flat, smooth outside surfaces easy and thorough to clean.  The solid knife cover, knife shaft bearing arm and the bowl are made of stainless steel.  All parts coming into contact with foodstuff are made of stainless materials.  The solid bearing of knife shaft including sealing guarantees trouble-free operation.  Bowl bearing and bowl drive run in a robust worm gear box.

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