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50, 70, 90 and 120 litres
Bowl cutters to produce all kinds of scalded and boiled sausage emulsions as well as raw sausage materials.
Construction and design

The basis of the CUTMIX is the solid housing with integral knife shaft bearing arm of cast iron.  An individual housing has been developed for each size of bowl.  Together with the solid stainless steel surface this cast-iron stand provides the ideal basis of a high-loading capacity machine.  Mechanical vibrations are absorbed and the noise level, in connection with the double walled noise absorbing knife cover and the newly designed noise reduction cover, is reduced to the minimum.

The bottom side of the CUTMIX has been closed by a stainless steel plate, being weldless with the housing.  It is repellent to contamination and water jets.  An integrated ventilation system provide sufficient cool air into the interior space to the motor of the knife shaft.

The smooth stainless-steel outer surfaces can be cleaned easily and quickly.  There are no horizontal surfaces on which water or contamination could be accumulated.  All parts which come into contact with foodstuffs are made of stainless steel materials.  The hygienic and technical safety requirements of the EC-Machine Directives are compiled with.  All CUTMIXERS have the CE label.

The solid bearing of the knife shaft, including the sealing, ensure a trouble-free operation, even at maximum speed.

The drive of the bowl is tracked in a solid stainless steel bearing.  The bowl is driven by a resistant bevel gear.

Standard knife head

The six Zack-knives of the standard knife head are very affective universal knives.  They achieve a high level of fineness and an outstanding emulsification of scaled and boiled finely chopped sausage meats.

Knife head for the production of raw sausages

The knife head has been equipped with three crescent-shaped knives to produce raw sausages.  Due to their ''drawing'' cut they are the ideal knives for the production of all types of raw sausage meats.

Knife head for the production of finely chopped sausage meats

The six knives of this head cut and emulsify a very finely chop sausage meat.

This knife head is mainly used for high speed bowl cutters with an infinitive drive and balancing knife system.  Number and arrangement of the knives can vary depending on application.

All knife heads may be removed as a complete unit, the knives may also be removed individually, which is an essential factor for cleaning.

Cutting chamber

A baffle plate is placed into the knife cover to cut scalded and boiled sausages.  The knives cut, mix, and emulsify a homogeneous chopped meat within a short period of time.

An electric knife cover drive is optional for the CUTMIX 70 litres, and they are standard to the CUTMIX 90 and 120 litres.
Cutmix 50 litres
Cutmix 70 litres,
Unloader on request
Cutmix 70 litres,
Unloader on request
Cutmix 120 litres,
Unloader and loader device
on request
For the production of raw sausages the baffle plate can be easily removed.  The initial materials are cut in a large cutting space with the lowest possible strains; meat - and fat particles are evenly distributed and mixed.  The final product has a clear, grainy and richly varied cut quality.

The temperature of the chopped meat is detected by a feeler which placed inside the cutting chamber of the knife cover.  It provides exact data for the digital display even with smallest filling quantities.

Drive and operation

Knife shaft drive with two cutting speeds, 1500/3000 rpm resp. 1800/3600 rpm optional.  Mixing gear with two speeds each, forward and reverse.  Bowl drive with two speeds.

Touch-sensitive keyboard

The CUTMIXERS are operated through a clear, solid, and easy to clean touch sensitive keyboard.  The model STL allows the operator to store eight knife speeds which may be called upon, or altered, through a push button at any time.

The digital display indicates the knife speed, temperature of the product, number of bowl turns, and the cutting time.

A limit switch for the temperature, turns of bowl, and time are standard to the CUTMIX with STL-drive, and optional for the T2M-R model.

Programme control and interface software are available on request.


The control has been integrated into the housing of the CUMIXERS.  Therefore, separate control cabinets are not necessary.  The machine will be delivered with a connection cable and is ready for operation.

Low power consumption
No high peaks of initial current

Knife shaft drive, infinitely adjustable from 40-5000 rpm.  Mixing gear, forward and reverse, infinitely adjustable from 40-500 rpm.  Bowl drive with two speeds, may be extended to five speeds, infinitely adjustable.

Loading and unloading


The unloader empties the ready product quickly and completely into the meat buggies.  The special form of the rotating unloader disk and the baffle plate allow the optimal emptying even of liquid products.

Loading device

The CUTMIX 120l may be equipped with a loading device for meat buggies of 120 or 200 litres of content.  The patented loading device is compact and does not require much space.  The special feature of this device is the precise guidance of the buggies during the entire lifting process.

Technology of working safety

The quiet and almost vibration-free running of the CUTMIX, the high loading capacity of the bowl together with the torsion-resistant cast-iron housing, the noise-insulated knife cover, anti-vibrating machine feet and the noise level.  If you lift the noise damping cover the revolution speed is automatically reduced.  If you push the EMERGENCY-OFF button it will release an emergency stop.

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