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Bowl cutters to produce all kinds of scalded and boiled sausage emulsions as well as raw sausage materials.
Grinders 130mm and 160mm

Wherever food is to be ground above all, meat and fat, but also cheese and vegetables - angle grinders are used.  K+G WETTER have re-designed their angle grinders and mixer-angle grinders, and presented them at the IFFA '98.  The machines are supplied in two sizes, with 130 and 160mm grinder plate diameters.  Thanks to their small height, the new angle grinders can be loaded very easily.  The sides of the hopper are sloped forward so that the front rim of the hopper is even lower.  Operation is made simpler by means of a push button loading device.

The basic design and name of the angle grinder reflect its working principle: feed screw and work screw are at right angles to each other.  The two screws are driven separately.  The direction of feed and rotation as well as the form of the conveying area were selected to ensure that the material to be processed is subjected to a minimum of stress and heat development when moving from one screw to the other, but conveyed to the cutting set with the necessary pressure.  This is demonstrated by the continuous output of cleanly cut material.

As with all K+G WETTER grinders, the machine housings of the 130 and 160mm angle grinders and mixer-angle grinders are completely closed.  The filling hopper and the bottom plate are precisely welded to the housing.  Spray water cannot enter.  All surfaces, hopper, feed and work screws, paddle mixer shaft, screw housing, cutting blades, cross support, spacer rings and cap nuts are of stainless steel, running in roller bearings of robust design.

The feed screw is equipped with a powerful two-stage drive. The work screw is powered by a sturdy belt drive, which is also of two-stage type (no gears).  A central lubrication point helps reduce maintenance times and a large inspection aperture provides easy access.

The angle grinder and mixer-angle grinder fulfil the safety and hygiene regulations of the EC machinery guideline.  A flushing space between screw housing and work screw bearings as well as between hopper and feed screw bearings separates the food area from the drive units.  The new angle grinders have no horizontal surfaces, so that liquids can drain away easily.  The smooth surfaces permit simple, rapid cleaning.

Both the angle grinder and mixer-angle grinder are operated via a membrane keyboard and are fitted with a screw ejector device.  For angle grinders 160mm, the new European standard stipulates an electrically secured discharge protection; for 130mm versions, it is required for operation with outlet plate with holes of diameter =8mm.  In versions without a hopper cap, the hopper is fitted with an electrically secured grating.
Mixer-Angle Grinders 130 And 160mm

The angle grinder has been modified in such a way that with the same machine, the basic materials - meat, fat, spices and other ingredients - of different types of sausage such as fresh minced sausage and air-dried raw sausage, as well as coarse boiled sausage of all kinds, can be thoroughly and rapidly mixed and afterwards ground.

For this purpose, a mixing shaft with paddles is fitted in the hopper above the feed screw.  The form of the paddles and the pitch of the feed screw guarantee and intensive, careful and short mixing process.  During the mixing operation, the feed screw rotates in the opposite direction.  This results in a product circuit between mixing shaft and feed screw which intensifies the mixing process.  As soon as the mixing process is completed, the machine is switched over to ''GRIND'' and both the feed screw and mixing shaft change their direction of rotation.  The feed screw conveys the material to the work screw, which conveys it to the cutting set.

The mixing shaft can be dismounted quickly and easily: the operator simply detaches the bearing at the front side and the mixing shaft can be taken out.  Cutting without the mixing shaft can be of advantage when large pieces, for example whole sides of bacon, are to be ground.

The mixing and grinding stages as well as mixing time are indicated in the display.  By means of the arrow keys the mixing time can be prolonged or reduced as required.

Mixing shaft, feed screw and work screw are fitted with two-speed drive; i.e. two mixing and two grinding speeds can be selected.

Auxiliary equipment such as the loading device and the motor-driven tilting hopper cap is also operated via the membrane keyboard.

All K+G WETTER grinders can be fitted with a sorting device.  This consists of a five-part cutting set with sorting knife.  In front of the fine grinder plate, gristle, sinews and other hard particles from the fine grinder plate and conveys them away from the cutting set through a chute at the side.  The quantity to be sorted out can be continuously regulated by means of a variable outlet control and directly collected in a container.

Five good reasons for using the sorting device:

1.  The meat is improved, thus achieving a higher quality.

2.  You can decide the quantity which is to be sorted out.

3.  The meat must only be roughly pre-sorted.

4.  The cutting set does not become clogged; it is self-cleaning.  Fat and meat can pass through the cutting set more easily.  The cut is cleaner.

5.  Grinder plates and knives have a longer service life, being less subject to wear.

Loading Devices

To enable the angle grinders to be loaded without effort as well as achieving production outputs as high as possible, they may be coupled with auxiliary loading devices.  In this case, the angle grinders are fitted with a hopper cap.  For cleaning purposes, the cap is tilted upwards; a motor is available as an option.  The operation elements of the loading devices are integrated in the membrane keyboard.

Hydraulic Loading Device

The hydraulic loading device lifts buggies of 120 or 200L capacity and tips the complete contents into the hopper of the grinder.  The device is directly flanged to the grinder, forming a compact, space-saving unit easy to clean and service.  All aggregates are integrated in the housing of the loading device.

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